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    Finnian and the Seven Mountains

    Issue 2




    Finnian’s quest continues as he and Brendan use an ancient map to discover a mysterious island in hopes of finding a legendary sword. A weapon with the extraordinary power to defeat evil and prevent the Vikings from further pillaging the land.


    Along the way they meet the mysterious stowaway, Merewyn, and discover there is more to their quest than they imagined.


    At the same time, a fierce Viking king, Ragnar, threatens the monastic community on the Irish island of Skellig Michael as he begins his own violent quest for the same sword.


    Who will reach the sword first? Will evil triumph or good prevail?


    Praise for Issue #1


    "Let Kosloski and LaVoy take you back to the real history of the island of Irish monks we saw in The Last Jedi and then watch them layer an epic yarn on top of it." -- Matt Forbeck, The Marvel Encyclopedia, New York Times-bestselling author

    "FINNIAN AND THE SEVEN MOUNTAINS by Philip Kosloski and Michael Lavoy bring us a taste of Irish lore. And we want more." -- ComicsVerse


    "Featuring mystery, high-stakes adventure, and breathtaking art, this first installment of Finnian and the Seven Mountains is sure to enchant readers, young and old alike. I can't wait to see where this saga takes us!" -- Brandon Hale, bestselling author of Prince Martin Wins His Sword.

    "This is a very good beginning to a new comic series, and I look forward to reading

    the rest of the series." -- Geeks Under Grace


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